Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings
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Frequently Asked Questions

(or perhaps those that should be)

Why did you create Fire and Ice?

I created this Web site because I want to make the writings of the Puritans and other Reformed authors available to a wider audience. I hope-imagine-pray that many people who are intimidated by the Puritans will come to appreciate them, if they are administered in small doses.

I believe that the day is far away, when people will download complete books and read them on the computer, or print them out, or whatever. This is especially true of works that may be in unfamiliar language, or too intellectually demanding for our dull age. Therefore I have concentrated on shorter extracts, which may be read on the computer screen or conveniently printed out. (Besides, if you are familiar enough with a work to make sense of it in a 1000K text file, you probably have it on your shelf already, so why would you download it?)

Nevertheless I have included a few complete sermons, just because they are my favourites. No point in having a Web page if you can't include what you like best!

Of course there really is another reason...



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