Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings
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The Beauties of Boston

This is a list of selections by Thomas Boston appearing in Fire and Ice. They are taken from M'Millan's book, Beauties of Boston, and appear here modern language.

The Scriptures
The Nature of that Faith and Obedience which the Scriptures Teach
The Manner of Discovering the True Sense of Holy Scripture
Reason not the Supreme Judge in Controversies of Religion
To Search and study the Scriptures is the Duty of All Classes of Men.
Search from the Book of the Lord
Useful Directions For Reading and Searching the Scriptures.

God Alone Created the World And you thought Carl Sagan was such a clever guy!

Praying in the Name of Christ
How the Spirit Enables Us to Pray

God's Decrees
The Purpose of God's Decrees
The Properties Of God's Decrees Explained
Important Lessons Drawn from the Decrees of God

How We Ought to Think about God's Providence

Christ's Name Wonderful

About "The Beauties of Boston"
A note about Thomas Boston, how his "Beauties" came to be collected, and a suggestion about their significance for today.

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