Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings
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Head Of Thy Church, Whose Spirit Fills

by Charles Wesley

No. 749


1 Head of thy church, whose Spirit fills,
And flows through every faithful soul
Unites in mystic love, and seals
Them one, and sanctifies the whole;


2 Less than the least of saints, I join
My littleness of faith to theirs;
O King of all, thine ear incline,
Accept our much availing prayers.


3 Come, Lord, the glorious Spirit cries,
And souls beneath the altar groan;
Come, Lord, the bride on earth replies,
And perfect all our souls in one.


4 Pour out the promised gift on all,
Answer the universal Come,
The fulness of the gentiles call,
And take thine ancient people home.


5 To thee let all the nations flow,
Let all obey the gospel word,
Let all their bleeding Savior know,
Fill'd with the glory of the Lord.


6 Oh, for thy truth and mercy's sake,
The purchase of thy passion claim,
Thine heritage the gentiles take,
And cause the world to know thy name.


7 Thee, Lord, let every tongue confess,
Let every knee to Jesus bow:
O all redeeming Prince of peace,
We long to see thy kingdom now.


8 Hasten that kingdom of thy grace,
And take us to our heavenly home,
And let us now behold thy face:
Come, glorious God, to judgment come!




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