Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings
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by Charles Wesley


No. 859


1 Ye servants of God,     Your Master proclaim,
And publish abroad      His wonderful name:
The name all-victorious     Of Jesus extol;
His kingdom is glorious,     And rules over all.


2 The waves of the sea     Have lift up their voice,
Sore troubled that we     In Jesus rejoice;
The floods they are roaring,      But Jesus is here;
While we are adoring     He always is near.


3 Men, devils engage,     The billows arise,
And horribly rage,     And threaten the skies:
Their fury shall never     Our steadfastness shock,
The weakest believer     Is built on a Rock.


4 God ruleth on high,     Almighty to save,
And still he is nigh,     His presence we have;
The great congregation     His triumph shall sing,
Ascribing salvation      To Jesus our King.


5     Salvation to God     Who sits on the throne!
Let all cry aloud,     And honor the Son!
Our Jesus' praises     The angels proclaim,
Fall down on their faces,      And worship the Lamb.


6 Then let us adore,      And give Him his right,
All glory, and power,     And wisdom, and might,
All honor and blessing,      With angels above,
And thanks never ceasing,     And infinite love.




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