Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings
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Blest Be The Dear, Uniting Love

by Charles Wesley


No. 520


1 Blest be the dear, uniting love
That will not let us part;
Our bodies may far off remove—
We still are one in heart.


2 Joined in one spirit to our Head,
Where he appoints we go,
And still in Jesu's footsteps tread,
And show his praise below.


3 Oh, may we ever walk in him,
And nothing know beside,
Nothing desire, nothing esteem,
But Jesus crucified!


4 Closer and closer let us cleave
To his beloved embrace,
Expect his fulness to receive,
And grace to answer grace.


5 Partakers of the Savior's grace,
The same in mind and heart,
Nor joy, nor grief, nor time, nor place,
Nor life, nor death can part.


6 But let us hasten to the day
Which shall our flesh restore,
When death shall all be done away,
And bodies part no more!




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