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For his Wife, on her Birthday

by Charles Wesley


     Come away to the skies,
     My beloved arise,
And rejoice on the day thou wast born,
     On the festival day
     Come exulting away,
To thy heavenly country return.


     We have laid up our love
     And treasure above,
Though our bodies continue below;
     The redeem'd of the Lord
     We remember his word,
And with singing to Sion we go.


     With singing we praise
     The original grace
By our heavenly Father bestow'd,
     Our being receive
     From his bounty, and live
To the honour and glory of God.


     For thy glory we are,
     Created to share
Both the nature and kingdom divine:
     Created again
     That our souls may remain
In time and eternity thine.


     With thanks we approve
     The design of thy love
Which hath join'd us, in Jesus his name,
     So united in heart,
     That we never can part,
Till we meet at the feast of the Lamb.


     There, there at his seat
     We shall suddenly meet,
And be parted in body no more,
     We shall sing to our lyres
     With the heavenly quires,
And our Saviour in glory adore.


     Hallelujah we sing
     To our Father and King,
And his rapturous praises repeat;
     To the Lamb that was slain
     Hallelujah again
Sing all heaven, and fall at his feet.


     In assurance of hope
     We to Jesus look up,
Till his banner unfurl'd in the air
     From our grave we both see,
     And cry out IT IS HE,
And fly up to acknowledge him there!




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