Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings
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The Poetry of Michael Wigglesworth

Contributed by Stephen Lawson

The Day of Doom
"Before his face the Heav'ns gave place,
     and Skies are rent asunder,
With mighty voice, and hideous noise,
     more terrible than Thunder."
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A Short Discourse on Eternity
Recommended for First-Time Readers!
"O happy they that live for aye,
     with Christ in Heav'n above!
Who know withal, that nothing shall
     deprive them of his love.
Eternity, Eternity!
     Oh, were it not for thee,
The Saints in bliss and happiness
     could never happy be."
To The Christian Reader
"Reader, I am a fool;
And have adventured
To play the fool this once for Christ,
The more his fame to spread."
A Postscript unto the Reader
"Give ear, I pray thee, unto what I say,
That God may hear thy voice another day.
Thou hast a Soul, my friend, and so have I,
To save or lose; a Soul that cannot die."
A Prayer unto Christ
"But I have learnt to pray to none,
Save unto God in Christ alone.
Nor will I laud, no, not in jest,
That which I know God doth detest."
Vanity of Vanities
"As in a Dropsie, drinking draughts begets,
The more he drinks, the more he still requires:
So on this World whoso affection sets,
His Wealths encrease encreaseth his desires."

About Michael Wigglesworth and his Poems

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