Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings
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"My brethren, when God first began to love you, He gave you all that He ever meant to give you in the lump, and eternity of time is that in which He is retailing of it out."


"The more purely God's word is preached, the more deeply it pierces and the more kindly it works."


This quotation is taken from Preaching God's Word.

"He that can apprehend and consider vice with all her baits and seeming pleasures, and yet abstain and yet distinguish, and yet prefer that which is truly better, he is the true wayfaring Christian. I cannot praise a fugitive and cloister'd virtue, unexcersied and unbreathed, that never sallies out and sees her adversary, but slinks out of the race, where that immortal garland is to be run for, not without dust and heat. Assuredly we bring not innocence into the world, we bring impurity much rather; that which purifies us is trial, and trial is by what is contrary."

JOHN MILTON from Areopagitica

"All worship is shot wrong that is not directed to, and conducted by, the thoughts of the power of God, whose assistance we need."


"The more we grow in grace, the more shall we flourish in glory. Though every vessel of glory shall be full, yet some vessels hold more."


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"Christ is the very essence of all delights and pleasures, the very soul and substance of them. As all the rivers are gathered into the ocean, which is the meeting-place of all the waters in the world, so Christ is that ocean in which all true delights and pleasures meet."


This is a quote from Christ Altogether Lovely, (30K)

"Grace is given to trade with; it is given to lay out, not lay up."


"Those that go gold into the furnace will come out no worse."


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"Christ did not die for any upon the condition, if they do believe; but He died for all God's elect, that they should believe."


"That man is out of reach of harm in this life, who is sure of possessing heaven in the next. This is the portion of every believer."


This selection is fromIs Christ Arisen?

"If we desire to end our days in joy and comfort, let us lay the foundation of a comfortable death now betimes. To die well is not a thing of that light moment as some imagine: it is no easy matter. But to die well is a matter of every day. Let us daily do some good that may help us at the time of our death. Every day by repentance pull out the sting of some sin,that so when death comes, we may have nothing to do but to die. To die well is the action of the whole life."

Richard Sibbes

This selection is from Christ is Best: Or, St. Paul's Strait. (54K)

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"Though Christians be not kept altogether from falling, yet they are kept from falling altogether."

William Secker

"Men think all things would be very glorious, it they might be done according their mind. Perhaps, indeed, they would--but with their glory, not the glory of God."


"Gold can no more fill the spirit of a man, than grace his purse. A man may as well fill a bag with wisdom, as the soul with the world."


"As the sun, which would shine in its own brightness and glory though all the world were blind, or did wilfully shut their eyes against it, so God will be ever most glorious, let men be ever so obstinate or rebellious. Yea, God will have glory by reprobates, though it be nothing to their ease; and though He be not glorified of them, yet He will glorify Himself in them."


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"Satan promises the best, but pays with the worst; he promises honour, and pays with disgrace; he promises pleasure, and pays with pain; he promises profit, and pays with loss; he promises life, and pays with death. But God pays as he promises; all his payments are made in pure gold."


"He that knows nothing will believe anything."


"Here God gives his people some taste, that they may not faint; and he gives them but a taste, that they may long to be at home, that they may keep humble, that they may sit loose from things below, that they may not break and despise bruised reeds, and that heaven may be more sweet to them at last."


"Ignorance of God and of ourselves is the great principle and cause of all our disquietments; and, this ariseth mostly not from want of light and instruction, but for want of consideration and application. "


"It is said that in some countries trees will grow, but will bear no fruit because there is no winter there."


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I am Totally His

I am His by purchase and I am His by conquest; I am His by donation and I am His by election; I am His by covenant and I am His by marriage; I am wholly His; I am peculiarly His; I am universally His; I am eternally His. Once I was a slave but now I am a son; once I was dead but now I am alive; once I was darkness but now I am light in the Lord; once I was a child of wrath, an heir of hell, but now I am an heir of heaven; once I was Satan's bond-servant but now I am God's freeman; once I was under the spirit of bondage but now I am under the Spirit of adoption that seals up to me the remission of my sins, the justification of my person and the salvation of my soul.


"When Christ reveals Himself there is satisfaction in the slenderest portion, and without Christ there is emptiness in the greatest fulness."


God's Electing Love

'Whom he predestinated, them he also called'. Election is the foundation-cause of our vocation. It is not because some are more worthy to partake of the heavenly calling than others, for we were 'all in our blood' (Ezek. 16:6). What worthiness is in us? What worthiness was there in Mary Magdelene, out of whom seven devils were cast? What worthiness in the Corinthians, when God began to call them by the gospel? They were fornicators, effeminate, idolaters. 'Such were some of you, but ye are washed'. Before effectual calling, we were not only without strength, but 'enemies' (Col. 1:21). So that the foundation of vocation is election.



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