Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings
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Cross-Reference to the Letters of S.R.

Bonar numberTitle (on Fire and Ice)  Banner Paperback no.Hugh Martin Textfile
37 A Letter of Comfort Word  
87 Christ Wholly to be Loved Word  
88 Christ to be Kept at Every Sacrifice Word  
99 Christ's Ways Misunderstood Word  
100 Conscientious Acting in the World Word  
103 Heavenly Mindedness Word810
104 Christ's Prisoner Word  
131 His Wisdom in Our Trials Word  
229 The Law Word43  
230 Believers Safe though Tried Word  
233 Difficulties in Providence Word44 51
234 The Use of Desertions - The Reprobate Word  
247 The Heavenly Mansions-- The Earth a Shadow Word  

The Bonar number refers to the number assigned to the letter by Andrew Bonar in his edition of the Letters, published in 1891. This edition was reprinted by the Banner of Truth in 1984 and is currently out of print. This edition is the most complete, with 365 letters in more-or-less chronological order. There is a short life of S.R., biographical notes, a glossary, and more.

The Banner Paperback number refers to a different set of numbers assigned to the letters in the current paperback edition. This edition has 69 letters and has somewhat more modern language than the Bonar edition. There are some biographical notes appended to the end of the book. This inexpensive resource is highly recommended and may be ordered from the Cumberland Valley Bible Book Service. Their US phone number is 1-800-656-0231, or +1 717 249 0231.

The Hugh Martin number refers to a text file at CCEL. The URL is This is a 240K file by Hugh Martin, containing about 70 letters (different letters than the paperback). This file is useful, however most of the letters are abridged and the file is marred by many spelling errors. It also contains a helpful glossary and some biographical notes.

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