Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings
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Index to Thomas Shepard

Adrift in the New Jerusalem A story from the life of Thomas Shepard, from the 1630's. Or did somebody send him a video of today's evangelicalism?

Only Those Prepared Here Another extract from a sermon by Thomas Shepard

An Illuminating Story about Mr. Shepard on his deathbed.

The Sin of Resting in Duties
Extracts from The Sincere Convert which seem to be written just this morning. His church may not have been able to afford a bell, but he knows all about the artifices of contemporary Evangelicalism. (Hmm... He did have a drum...)

Eleven Degrees of Resting in Duties
Why Men Rest in Duties
Signs of Resting in Duties
The Inability of All Duties to Save
The Proper Purpose of Duties
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The Love of Christ
A series of exracts from The Parable of the Ten Virgins. Edwards thought highly of the Parable, read these extracts and see why.

Containing Motives and Arguments to Persuade Us unto the Love of Christ, and to be Espoused to Him.
Love Christ Because of His Glory
Love Him Because of His Love to You
Consider How Christ Will Love You.
Love the Lord Jesus!
How Shall I know that the Lord Loves Me?
He Loves You with an Unmeasurable Love.
Behold the Happiness of those Espoused to Christ
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An Appreciation of Shepard by Alexander Whyte.

A Note about the "Writings" of Thomas Shepard

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